Why youre single based on your astrological sign

You are always ready for a challenge, and you love showing your skills. You immediately connect with an awesome coach on text or over the phone in minutes. Just click here …. You can find her geeking out about the latest film releases or stunning crowds with her endless capacity for celebrity trivia. By Averi Clements. By Kate Ferguson. By Amanda Chatel.

What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Love Life This Week: September 30, 12222

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Why You're Unlucky In Love, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Leos love to be where the action is—the biggest party, the most fun, the most drool-worthy setting—and ideally as the center of attention. When it comes to choosing a vacation spot, think FOMO-inspiring trips that will look great on Instagram and sound even better on paper. Virgos love a detailed itinerary, tend to research all the best spots far in advance, and may be ready to share their Google maps marked with all of the best restaurants, markets, and coffee shops.

Use those perfectionist tendencies to your travel advantage by arranging cooking classes, mapping out bike tours, or perfecting your lasso technique at a high-end dude ranch. Libras love tranquility and have a penchant for the romantic and charming. The perfect vacations for Libras include itineraries that balance peace and variety. Look for destinations that have both quiet corners as well as shops, restaurants, and cultural sights for when a more gregarious mood strikes. While Scorpios love the chance to commune with nature, they may not want to rough it and pack all their belongings into the woods—even though they have the determination to make it happen.

Instead, pair nature with modern conveniences by finding a forest lodge somewhere deep in a National Park, or rent an Airbnb near a lake.

In astrology, the Sagittarius is depicted as a centaur, armed with a bow and ready for the hunt. As a traveler this means always seeking the new and the now, whether that means bunking down for weeks with a far-flung population or seeking out an under-the-radar, untouched destination. By Melissa Locker September 09, Relationships can ' t always be idealized.

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Represented by the twins, you ' re known for being a bit fickle with your emotions. When you like someone, you tend to run hot and cold. You ' ll go from being super into them one day, then avoid them because you ' re over it the next. Obviously, this tends to confuse the person you ' re crushing on. Think about what you really want before you start pursuing someone. You ' re a tough nut to crack, Cancer.

You parade around, showcasing a harsh exterior, because you don ' t want your feelings to get hurt. Dealing with your emotions is not your strong suit, which is why you build up your guard as high as can be. You don ' t let it drop for a single soul, which is why you ' re still single. Not everyone is out to get you, so don ' t forget to be open about your sentiments with the person you like.

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No other sign is as confident as you, Leo. You know your worth and you don ' t let anyone forget it, which is why you expect the world to treat you like the royal you are. Because others don ' t have as much faith in themselves, they often see your self-assurance as being arrogant.

It really isn ' t your fault you ' re single, rather just those you ' re courting being so taken aback by your reassurance in yourself. One day, you ' ll find someone who is threatened by your confidence. Your specialty, Virgo, is that you ' re always able to see the worst in every situation.

You don ' t mean to be so negative, it just sort of happens. The second you start liking someone, you ' re quick to point out all of their flaws and abandon your feelings for them.


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Nobody is perfect, nor will they ever adhere to your insanely high standards, so don ' t expect them to. While you ' re the social butterfly of the sign, easily able to befriend a wide variety of people, your self-confidence isn ' t all it ' s cracked up to be.

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You tend to be really tough on yourself for no particular reason at all. Once you like someone or you realize they ' re feeling you, you immediately start to tell yourself you ' re not good enough for them.